It’s that time of the year again. Not Christmas (and other holidays) — it’s the close of your last semester at university, the time after you’ve successfully made your final year project presentation and feel like your life just ended! Why would you feel that way? Were you so overjoyed with achieving such a great milestone that it killed you? Just try and remember how happy you felt that you were finally done with university . . . for the moment. The answer might be simply that life as you know it has essentially ended. (I wonder if I am repeating myself a little there.)

Here’s a short story on how I personally felt at end of my senior year at University. I experienced what I now believe is the real definition of being lost, given that I had spent all my life being a student. When the chapter ended, although not permanently, I was short no ideas of what to do with myself for two seconds. Take a long break. Get a job. Discover myself. I found that even though I had been consciously aware of the pending end when it finally came I was much unprepared for it.  I had spent a couple of weeks apprehensive when I got a call to come in for a job interview. I nailed it and the job was mine. The sound of angels rejoicing in my mind for that miracle went on and on. Sorry unemployment, you just wouldn’t look good on me.

My first day at work felt a lot like a first day in a new school, and suddenly all that stuff we are told about pursuing what we are passionate about in school made a lot more sense. I would be doing this job for a very long time, whether it was my ‘calling’ or just for survival would determine how long I lasted emotionally and physically.

Aside from the really awesome stuff you study and learn, being a student is safe. Has anyone felt more stable than they did as student? Yes, students do have ninety nine problems; however their biggest problem is to worry about getting good grades.

After university, the student rug is pulled out from under your feet and you fall flat into being a real adult, A REAL ADULT — getting a job, solving your own problems and like all new things you instinctively want to run away but after a while of confusion, a drowning feeling and making the very necessary adjustments you find you ‘new’ self and it’s not bad after all.

You can drive out nature with a pitchfork but she keeps on coming back. This old proverb makes you wonder if it applies to things like school as well. Your next step might be grad school, a job or to start your own thing. Whatever your next step might be, you will find that it must be taken with a brand new pair of shoes.

2 thoughts on “Life, oh life

  1. Nice Article, It sums up everything you have achieved so far in life. Looking forward to see more interesting stuff in your life.

  2. We have all been there. you are excited to finish school and when u write your last paper and have to move out of hostel u think….what next. I have been blessed to land work from the 1st day i left campus….just switched between jobs. Havent been so lucky to do the job of my 1st passion….however the journey of life and learning at work has been great.

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