[ezcol_1third ]I feel like Daniel at the moment, I have slain some lions! Let it be known that I am still on the track to some kind of change and I have not veered off. Hooray! See my previous post here if you would like to know more about that.

Road trips, highways and long journeys. That sounds like a lot of fun to most people, I on the other hand, not so much. Road trips give me anxiety, a whole lot of anxiety because I imagine that I might never reach the destination, you know, like Wrong Turn. Giving up on road trips completely seemed like the best and only solution, and so I did. All my life I had never been to the village. It’s a little ironic since I do like to experience news thing and go places; now all I have to figure out is how to actually get there.

A week ago, my siblings came up with a brilliant idea to go a fairly long distance to visit our grandmother. The decision whether or not to go on that long drive with them was very easy, certainly the answer was NO! After a few days of contemplating, I closed my eyes (really, I did) and told myself I could do this.[/ezcol_1third]

[ezcol_1third ] My siblings were having the time of their life while my eyes never left the speedometer. The few times I averted my eyes was when I looked out the window half expecting something bad to happen. I’m not usually like that; it’s the big bad highway! How was my journey you ask, well, it was interesting . . .

After about four hours on the road we arrived at our destination, or so we thought. Some how we got lost, now how about that? We quickly stopped to get directions from two men by the road to the area where our grandmother lives. The directions sent us down a dirt road that went on for eons. There were scattered little houses which was a little comforting, however I could not shake the fact that it was getting dark very quickly and the road was narrowing! Gulp. The high-water mark of journey is when got stuck in a puddle of mud. Four-wheel drive, anyone?

We safely found our Jaja (grandmother) and I had never felt so relived my whole life as I did in that moment, alright maybe there is this one time when I received my GSCE results :) .[/ezcol_1third]

[ezcol_1third_end] Although the journey was a bit of a struggle for me, spending time with her was worth every formidable bit of it. It warms the heart to be surrounded by so much real love. I adore you grandma.

Day two (or day one, whichever way you look at it) of the visit went charmingly well. My siblings and I were treated to a breakfast of three hundred men. Our grandmother introduced us to a couple of old relatives we’d not met before. She then took us around to see “home”: the large gardens that we couldn’t walk the whole length, the very energetic little children who were all very eager to come say hello and finally the unscathed mother nature. At the end of the day we bid our longest farewells and hopped onto the journey back to Kampala.

As we drove off into the metaphoric sunset horizon, I looked out the window but rather than the anxiousness I felt yesterday, I smiled a little too widely a smile that never left my face :) :) .


NOTE: the village in question here is Mbale, Eastern Uganda.



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  1. Grt story wish u had stayed alittle bit longer which wud av made thiz adventure longer cz obviously its interesting n I enjoyed it, ur quite agrt writer, bravo♡♡♡♡

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